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The Conflict

By December 13, 2021No Comments

It is hard to believe that ancient Americas were once home to a huge population of native Americans. Numbering in the millions, they were spread across the vast land from Canada in the north down to the south of Brazil. At first, European settlers arrived a few dozen at a time… but the stream from Europe only increased as the years passed. As the newcomers encountered the native peoples, disagreements began happening. Sometimes the problem was as simple as the theft or killing of a pig.

To the natives, the pig may have simply been found or thought of as an animal on their traditional hunting grounds. However, the response by the European newcomers was usually swift, and there were ruthless reprisals against the natives. Since there was no comprehensive plan by the colonies or new US Government to integrate newcomers with or around established populations, white settlers were supported in their complaints against the established population. The killing of Indians and the theft of native lands grew from policy response. Many tribes were persecuted or obliterated while a good chunk of the original American population was forcefully driven out of their lands.

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