The Return of the Mohicans – A New Hope


All men are created equal … and nothing will ever be the same again in this country.”

For 500 years, disease, persecution, forced removal, and outright slaughter of Native Americans affected millions of souls. Treating Native Americans as subhuman, “Indian savages,” the US government forced countless indigenous humans who survived into poverty on reservations.

Their ancestors in the Spirit World watched hundreds of treaties broken and continue to see their descendants suffer. So, they have raised a vast army led by gifted recruits and a Champion chosen from among the living to conquer an evil Lord and attempt to take down a callous, inhuman President.

Dr. Jeromy Whitefeather Ph.D., a Professor of Native American Studies, is transported to the past, and he visits and trains in the Spirit World with a Great Chief named Chingachgook, who was thought to be the last of his Mohican people. He undergoes a dramatic change, gaining courage, strength, and the fiercest warrior fighting skills, and leads a legion of Spirit Warriors in a wild attempt to rewrite American history.

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