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If History Could Be Changed – The Never-Ending Persecution Of Native Americans

Winter Bear Books offers an eclectic selection of exciting books, including a collection of materials and books discussing the history of Native Americans and how they were nearly obliterated and displaced by early European settlers. The site provides readers access to books covering fiction and non-fiction, including authentic accounts with timelines.

Gnadenhutten Massacre

A group of militiamen who hailed from Pennsylvania brutally killed 96 Indians that were Delaware Christianized. Historic accounts blame captain David Williamson who ordered the massacre following the deaths and…

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17th Century Onwards

The first English permanent settlement in America took place in the early 17th Century. The settlement, Jamestown, was a dream of finding and inhabiting a new world by early settlers….

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The Conflict

It is hard to believe that ancient Americas were once home to a huge population of native Americans. Numbering in the millions, they were spread across the vast land from…

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