Do you want to read stories that speak sheer brilliance, adventure and fantasy through and through? James Edmund’s Adams literary hub can work for you!

This is the platform where he gives words to his thoughts, taking you on a journey you might not have otherwise come across! He has a dozen of books under his belt, waiting to uncover milestones he wishes to achieve in the writing industry in the next ten years.

His Vision

Being an immersive, curious, and man of passion, James Edmund Adams aspires to spend the next ten years writing to his heart’s content. Not only that, he wants to become a writer known for his insightful writings and out-of-the-box thinking. His goal is to inspire you, lift you and rejuvenate your mood every time you pick his book up and start to read.

His Mission

James Edmund  Adam’s goal is to develop characters – heroes, villains, scenes, and conflicts that inspire his audience. His ultimate goal is to make his readers feel by stringing simple, fresh, and conversational words in sentences that help them come out of the hustle and bustle of life. For him, writing is the escape that brings him peace – takes him on crazy adventures and calms his soul every time he comes across a troubling situation – that he wishes to tap into his readers, choosing the words that speak to them!

Are You an Avid-Reader? James Edmund Adams has the Books You Should Definitely Get Your Hands On!